Case study / IT box station

Design and production of medium/low voltage substations in containers

Low and medium voltage substations allow the distribution of electricity to power either productive or residential sites.
IT Box Stations are ready-to-use completely assembled container solutions and ready to be directly connected to the electricity grid in full accordance with private companies or public administrations.
These solutions can easily be transported by road, sea or air, also with the transformer installed inside.
They are supplied with 3 compartments containing Medium Voltage Switchboard, Transformer and Low Voltage Switchboard totally designed and customised to fully satisfy customer requirements.
The container boxes are painted inside and outside and are certified both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR installation and are guaranteed waterproof.
The transformer is installed in a completely separate section accessible by an independent external door. A removable section of the roof above the transformer allows lifting by crane if necessary. Panel access of the BT distribution switchboard is by means of service doors on the side of the container. All doors of the substation are mounted with stainless steel joints. All nuts, screws and mechanical devices are corrosion proof.
All internal equipment is supplied with mechanical safety interlocking devices in order to avoid the onset of dangerous situations.
The substation is painted and finished according to the following specifications:

  • antirust epoxy resin sandblasting on all surfaces
  • paint, double coat 40 micron density, air-dried epoxy enamel, 60 micron density, standard colour RAL 7035 light grey (different RAL colours are available according to customer requirement);
  • the roof and lower parts have an extra coat of bituminous paint

The general technical data of the IT Box Stations can be summed up as follows;

Encumbrance and dimensions:

  • SIZE 1 (LxDxH) mm 4540 x 2400 x 2590
  • SIZE 2 (LxDxH) mm 6058 x 2400 x 2590
  • SIZE 3 (LxDxH) mm 7500 x 2400 x 2590
  • SIZE 4 (LxDxH) mm 9125 x 2400 x 2590
  • SIZE 5 (LxDxH) mm12190 x 2400 x 2590


  • EN 61330
  • EN 60259
  • EN 60439-4
  • IEC 60909
  • IEC 60865

Technical Data:

  • Rated voltage of system kV 12-24-36 
  • Insulation level at 50 Hz per 60 seconds kV 28-50-70
  • Impulse insulation level kV 60-125-170
  • Rated frequency Hz 50-60
  • Secondary Rated voltage “V” Value on request
  • Maximum transformer capacity allowed 3500kVA
  • Auxiliary voltage Vac / Vdc 230 Vac / 24-48 Vdc
  • Level of Container Protection (with doors closed) IP549 - IPH6
  • Operating environmental temperature -10 / + 40 ° C
  • Humidity (without condensation) Rh 85%
  • Transformer in dry molten resin


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